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Angelina in sexy jeans


On a beautiful and sunny day Angelina is walking around in the park. Then she leaves the path, stretches her ass in your direction and picks a flower. She is walking up the stairs, standing still at the top. Then she is running towards you again, all the time caressing her tight pale blue jeans. She is sitting down on the stairs, always with her ass in your direction, so that you are getting hornier all the time. She opens her legs and then, when she gets up again, of course she has to beat the dirt from the stairs from her ass. She's looking incredibly sexy afterwards, when standing at the top of the stairs. To get you even hotter she is lifting her shirt a bit. Well, do you like this salacious jeans girl?

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Wicked vixen Valery


In her jeans leggings Valery is standing in front of the bookcase, looking at her collection of books. Again and again she is pulling up her jeans leggings and of course she is also watching herself in the mirror while doing it. But sometimes she is looking at you as well, because naturally she knows exactly that you are watching her. She is sitting down on the floor, spreading her legs. When she is kneeling you can even see the G-string peeking out over the top of the leggings. Wicked Valery wants to seduce you - but you are not allowed to touch her. Yet she can see it in your eyes how horny she got you already and so she goes on ensnaring you completely.

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Olga - for your eyes only


Olga has invited you to her flat, and now you are sitting on the sofa and Olga is showing you what she has to offer. She is lolling on the carpet in front of you in her sexy blue jeans. You are allowed to admire her jeans and soon you are getting quite nervous. Again and again she is looking at you and posing so that you can admire her even more. She is like a goddess for you, moving her ass for you and only for you. In between she is grabbing her jeans pussy with her hands to make you even more horny. You wouldn't have thought that in your wildest dreams, would you, that you will be teased so salaciously today!

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Nomy in jeans shorts


Today Nomy records herself and takes some photos with her cell phone. Then she notices that you're watching her. She gets on the chair and stretches her body. Of course she sticks her butt out into your direction and gives you a good look at her white jeans shorts. When she bends over to her laptop you can adore her tasty ass. Again and again she gets into a position comforting her ass. In the end she takes off her shorts and shows you her undies too!

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Posing in jeans during a break


In front of her desk Melissa is posing for you today. During her coffee break she wants to get you really hot. She is wearing a snuggly tight jeans and colorful sneakers. She is sitting on her desk, even laying down on it. Again and again she is looking at you seductively. On her desk chair she knows how to move alluringly in her jeans as well. Her ass plays the main role in her performance. She loves it if your eyes get drawn to her ass as if it was a magnet. You are hoping that her break won't be over for a long, long time.

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