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Sexy Ariana


Ariana is sitting on the sofa, relaxing, in her white jeans and her pink top. She takes a magazine from the canterbury, stretching her ass in your direction. She is kneeling down on the arm rest, knowing exactly that her voluptuous jeans ass will now be even more seductive. She is pulling up the jeans again and teasingly strokes along her thighs. She winks at you, while she is stroking her sexy jeans ass, sitting on the couch again. Oh, how you'd love to touch her jeans, but today you are only allowed to watch and get horny!

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Jeans-tease with Angela


Sexy jeans girl Angela is standing in front of the bookcase. Then she is pulling up her tight pale blue jeans. To have a look at the lowest shelf she has to bend down of course. That way you have a real close look at her sexy jeans ass. She is kneeling on the table to get a better view. On the table she then opens her legs and begins to stroke her crotch. She knows that you are watching her and plays to the gallery by showing off her jeans ass. It's making you horny!

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Alice is getting you all hot and flustered


In her tattered jeans Alice is looking around the room, touching the pot plants. Then she is sitting down on a small glass-topped table, pressing her sexy ass directly against the transparent glass. From below the table you can see everything, and it's making you hot. Alice is wiggling her ass, stroking along the tattered jeans. She is touching her naked skin where the jeans lays it bare. Thinking about what else she could do, she grabs her belt and opens it!

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Sexy blonde in jeans


Viki is wearing her wicked worn-away jeans with the holes everywhere and she fully intends to make you incredibly horny with her show. She is rocking her chair and then, suddenly, she gets up and wiggles with her voluptuous ass in front of your very eyes. She is pressing her wicked jeans ass against the chair and teasing you. Again and again she is pulling up her jeans so that you can worship her. This salacious blond vixen has only one aim - to get you all hot and horny!

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Roxy lolls on the couch


Today Roxy put on her light blue jeans for you. She already put her bag on the couch and after shaking her ass for you a little bit she lights up a cigarette. Roxy moves on the couch, sticks her legs into the air or just lies down and caresses her jeans. That really turns her on - and you too! You just can't stop watching smoking Roxy - do you?

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